DIY Coastal Inspired Holiday Wreath

Coastal Inspired Holiday Wreath

Coastal Inspired Holiday Wreath

Last year I was yearning to create some of our very own Holiday decor for our customers and ourselves. I wanted something a little nostalgic in feeling, but of course it had to have a coastal twist. After looking at Pinterest, I decided I wanted make a few paper wreaths. I don’t remember which pins inspired it at the time, but I did a little experimenting. I loved the idea that old books were being used in a new way, too. (Got my eco-friendly and coastal elements all in one!) I think it’s a really easy project if you want to try it at home. So, I thought I’d share the simple steps with you.

Beginning Steps

Start by cutting a circle out of cardboard. Mine was about 4″ in diameter for the large wreath. Then tear pages from an old book. As an option, you can paint the edges with gold or silver paint for a little sparkle.

Creating the cones

Roll each page into a cone and use hot glue to hold shape by placing a drop on the outside corner of the roll. Create several of these cones which will go around the wreath.

Hot glue cones

Hot glue the cones around the cardboard circle. You can space them closely if you want to do just one layer of cones or space them a little further to add a second round of cones over the first.

adding the ribbon

Once you have completed your layers of cones, you will need to add ribbon to the back. I chose a lovely shade of Sea Green, of course, for a coastal touch. However, you could use any color. I glued down one end. Then, I cut the ribbon to the length I wanted to show above the cones. Then, I glued the other end down. Once the ribbon is attached, cut a circle from one of the books pages and glue over the ribbon, onto the cardboard.

add the shell center

Lastly, find a shell that is an appropriate size for the center and hot glue to the middle to finish of your wreath. Voila, you’ll have a lovely piece to display for many years to come. Below are a few different ways you can display your master piece.

Coastal Inspired Paper Wreath 3 Ways

If you decide to try this project, I’d love to hear how it turns out. Please leave comment and let me know. Or, if you just like the look and just want to buy one, let me know. We have many in the shop.

Happy Holidays!


Happy Birthday Bistro:Part 2 Lake Agawam, Southampton

After we packed up the bistro chairs at Cooper’s Beach, we headed to another iconic location in Southampton, Lake Agawam. It’s very near to Cooper’s Beach. Just head down Gin Lane. There, we stopped across from the stunning St. Andrew’s Church, at one end of Lake Agawam, to photograph the bistro chair the the edge of the lake, because this great little chair is perfect for fishing. We were lucky enough to catch some locals who asked if they could keep the chairs after we took their photos fishing on the them!

Lake Agawam with church wide edited

Lake Agawam with boys close up wide edited

I think the photo above is my favorite of all the ones I took during our Bistro Birthday “at the beach” photo shoots. It was such a perfect time of the day with the day light, to show the great bistro chair colors. But, I really just loved seeing the boys fishing across from the stunning church. There is also a windmill in the distance if you turn toward the church. It just made me imagine what Southampton was like in the 1600’s when it was settled.

Don’t forget to tell me what your favorite photo is in my series celebrating the 125th Birthday of the Bistro Chair. Leave it in the comments section. You will be entered to win one poppy red limited edition bistro chair. However, you must leave your comment by noon on July 12, 2014. See my first post here and the Cooper’s Beach post here.

Happy Summer!


Bistro Birthday “at the beach” Part 1 Coopers Beach, Southampton, NY

Coopers Beach with bike wide edited I am very fortunate to own a business and live in such a beautiful place. So, when I was coming up with ideas to promote our coming Bistro Birthday celebration, I just kept thinking of how great the bistro chair in all of it’s wonderful 24 colors looks in all of our surroundings, and I thought it would be great to share with you images of this fabulous 125 year old chair at Coopers Beach, Southampton, NY. (voted America’s number one beach.)

Coopers Beach lifeguard vertical edited

I and my assistant manager packed up 34 bistro chairs and brought them to Coopers Beach at the end of the day. Don’t you just love the idea of watching the sunset? I was very lucky to get such a great evening to do the photo shoot. The light was just right to show off all the fantastic colors.

Don’t forget (or if you didn’t see the last post) if you leave a comment about your favorite Bistro Birthday “at the beach” image, you will be entered to win one poppy red limited edition bistro chair. (shown in the row above us with “bistro” laser cut into the back). I will randomly choose one winner on July 12th at noon. If you are the winner I will reply to your comment and we’ll get your details to ship the chair to you if you are not in our area.

I look forward to your comments.

Happy Summer,


Fantastic Find! Custom Furnishings at Fremantle Furniture

We’re having a snow day in Southampton today. (We’ve had our share this year already…) I’m thinking of our recent family trip to Australia where is was in the low 90’s most of the time, and I wanted to share a great source for custom made furnishings that I stumbled upon when we took a little trip to Fremantle.


freo furniture table close-up with text freo furniture with text

Freo Furniture hall table with text

Located in Fremantle, Australia (which is west of Perth and the major import/ export port for Western Australia), Fremantle Furniture is a place Western Australians can go to for custom furnishings such as dining tables, entertainment consoles, cupboards, etc.

I loved the textures and design of so many pieces and was very pleased to see they use 150 year old reclaimed English timbers. Australia is well known for protecting its environment and resources so it was no surprise to find reclaimed pieces here. All of them would work well in a home with coastal style.

I found the style of the pieces to be very on trend for our NY area. What do you think? Would any of these pieces work in your home? Have any of you been to Fremantle or heard of Fremantle Furniture?

I’d love to hear from you.

Be inspired,


How to Choose the Right Dining Table

With Thanksgiving and the holidays just around the corner. I wanted to share a few guidelines on choosing the right dining table since we all are likely to do some kind of entertaining in the next month or so.

No.1 Choosing the right size

Floor plan with Dining Table

Floor plan with Dining Table

I recommend choosing a table that fits your space. The rule of thumb is to allow 30″ -36″ from the edge of the table to the wall or nearest piece of furniture. This allows for movement around the table even when guests are seated. In the floor plan I did above, we allowed more room by choosing a narrower table that was 36″ wide. However, we could have gone with a wider table of 42″ and still had plenty of room.

No.2 The right shape

If you have a square room for example 12′ x 12′ or a room that is 12’x 14′, but you place a server or buffet on the wall which leaves you with almost a 12′ x 12′ room. you might consider a 6′ round table or a square table instead of a rectangular table. This will fit the proportion of the room better. Just use the above guidelines to be sure you have the right amount of space to move around the table.

No.3 The right material

What your table is made of is a major consideration. You’ll want to take into account the style of your space and the function of the table.

White painted table Shabby and Charme

Live edge breakfast table

Glass Dining Table Kahn Design Group

Vintage Swedish Farm Table

Reclaimed Dining Table, Elle Decor July 2012

Reclaimed Dining Table, Elle Decor July 2012

You can go with a crisp, cottage look with a painted table, add texture with a live edge table, keep it light with a glass top, go vintage with an antique, or have a table created out of reclaimed lumber. You’ll want to consider what the table feels like, how easy it is to care for, and how it will hold up to your use. If you want to keep it eco-friendly, you can rescue an old table with a painted finish, find a vintage piece, or use reclaimed lumber. Hopefully, some of the above images will give you some ideas.

Be inspired,




Fermob Outdoor Lounge: What’s New?

As I said in one of my last posts, I’ve carried Fermob outdoor furniture since 2000, the first year it was distributed in the US. Needless to say I’m a fan. With the array of color and style (24 to choose from), you cannot go wrong with the line whether you like traditional or contemporary. At my recent training in Sonoma County, I learned some new things that I thought I would share.

No.1      2014 will be the 125th year that they have been making the bistro chair! If you ever stop by my shop, you’ll probably hear one of us say “Ah, Fermob, is a fabulous company. They have been making the bistro chair since 1889.” It’s just one of those incredible facts that shows how timeless this classic is. However, I’ve never mentioned (probably because I didn’t remember it) that the chair was designed because at that time in France, the merchants were taxed for anything they left on the side walk. That’s when ingenuity kicked in and the bistro chair was designed to be folded and brought in. Brilliant! Be sure to follow us to learn how we’ll celebrate this 125th Anniversary.

Fermob Bistro chair with cushion

Fermob Bistro chair with cushion

No.2      Fermob was awarded the ISO 14001 Certification for sustainability in March of 2010. This is a certification which awards 20 years of commitment to sustainable development. There is NO manufacturer in the US that meets the same standards at this time. I’ll do another post with all the details on Fermob’s commitment to the environment.   

Fermob stands by their words

Fermob stands by their words


No.3      Many new products will be available. Our favorite chair after the bistro chair, Dune, is now available in a fabulous new stripe! Ours will be arriving in Spring of 2014, but feel free to contact me now if you want to get your order in. They’ve also added the following for 2014. Caractere Table, Ellipse Armchair, Latiitude Sunlounger, Bellevie Chair, Surprising Table, and a smaller Costa table. All of these work back to existing collections. Then you have the Osmose, and the Kintbury table and chairs designed by Sir Terence Conran.

Some of the pieces for 2014

Some of the pieces for 2014


No.4      There are two new colors replacing two oldies, but goodies. Honey and Capucine (nastursium)

two new Fermob colors revealed in Healdsburg

two new Fermob colors revealed in Healdsburg

I know it’s early but I can’t wait for spring so we can put the new display together! Which piece would you choose? I’d love to know. Maybe we’ll get it in for Spring.

Be Inspired,


Save the Date: Annual Holiday Open House


Save the Date


It seems soooo early for Holiday planning, but we already have to get our ads ready. I thought I would share one of them as a teaser for our Annual Holiday Open House. I’ll be posting more about it soon, but in the meantime. Save the Date!

Be Inspired,


Eco-friendly Kitchens Inspired by Prince Charles

British Standard Kitchen

British Standard Kitchen



I’m always trying to keep a look out for interesting news about eco-friendly interiors. Yesterday, I came across and article in The Daily Mail a British online newspaper about a kitchen designed for an eco-friendly home model for the Prince’s Trust Foundation. According to the article which you can read in it’s entirety here, Prince Charles was so impressed by the kitchen in the model home that it led to the design of a new line of affordable kitchens made by  British Standard in the same factory as the Plain English cabinetry. However, the cabinets by British Standard must be picked up and installed by the home owner.

Plain English has been making kitchen cabinetry in England since 1992 and participated in the Natural House at the Ideal Home Show in 2011. They celebrated 20 years in business going back to basics and creating kitchens the masses could afford under the British Standard by Plain English name. The kitchens are built to last a life time.

I love the look of these kitchens. Do you?



Reflections on 2012

As the year comes to a close, I am taking a look back and sharing some of the things I’m so grateful for this year.

A) The incredible joy and support of my family and friends. I turned 40 this year and it was a great excuse to get my family and friends together.

B) The opportunity to work with clients to create some beautiful spaces. We had the chance to revamp some existing pieces, use sustainable new pieces, and create spaces we hope will last and last.

C) This year, I was able to put together a team of two talented women who have helped my business greatly. Having them has also given me the ability to be more flexible with my children. A true gift.

D) We were able to have some great events this year at Sea Green Designs. We hosted a few trunk shows and had a few demonstrations at our Holiday Open House.

E) Lastly, I am grateful for our new location. I may not have had the best timing (the week before Hurricane Sandy), but with my staff, family, and friends, we made the move, and I couldn’t be happier. I’m looking forward to the new year in our new space.

Thank you, too for your support and following Sea Green Designs in our endeavors. We would love to hear from you.

May you have a Happy, Healthy, New Year!

LOL, Shannon

Sustainable Style: Re-purposed Furniture

Classic Cottage Sideboard by Sophia’s Decor

Stenciled chest by Simple Home Life

Revamped chest by Sawdust and Paint

One of my re-purpose projects

Many of you may not know that in addition to our custom furniture finishes and decorative wall finishes, I also will re-finish home-owner’s existing pieces to re-purpose for use with their updated decor. Recently, I’ve found several others that do the same thing and I have shared a few their beautiful  projects with you above. Let me know if yo have a favorite?

Not only does it conserve resources (both environmental and financial) to use older pieces of furniture, but it also keeps these pieces out of the landfills. The furniture business is the number two user of wood behind paper and one of the largest contributors to the landfill. So, why not take a second look at that old piece of furniture and re-purpose it?



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